CD19 Program

CaspaCIDe In the CD19 Setting

Bellicum is working with academic collaborators to establish clinical proof of concept for CaspaCIDe® in the CD19 setting. The Company believes that this strategy allows a cost-effective approach for clinical evaluation of differentiated product candidates in the highly competitive landscape of CD19-targeted therapies in development.

As part of this strategy, in November 2016, Bellicum announced an expanded collaboration with Ospedale Pediatrico Bambino Gesù (OPBG), a leading European pediatric research center and hospital. The OPBG collaboration is focused on preclinical and clinical development of CD19 and other CAR T and TCR therapeutics engineered with Bellicum’s CaspaCIDe® molecular safety switch technology.

The Company expects a CaspaCIDe-enabled CD19 CAR-T cell therapy to enter clinical development in 2017.