Scientific Literature

Peer-Reviewed Publications

The publications listed below highlight key milestones in the development of Bellicum’s technologies and product candidates, from recent clinical developments back to early discovery.

  • Di Stasi A, Tey S-K, Dotti G, Fujita Y, Kennedy-Nasser A, Martinez C, Straathof K, Liu E, Durett AG, GrilleyB, Liu H, Cruz CR, Savoldo B, Gee AP, Schindler J, Krance RA, Heslop HE, Spencer DM, Rooney CM, and Brenner MK. Inducible Apoptosis as a Safety Switch for Adoptive Cell TherapyThe New England Journal of Medicine 2011; 365:1673-1683.
  • Iuliucci JD, Oliver SD, Morley S, Ward C, Ward J, Dalgarno D, Clackson T and Berger HJ: Intravenous safety and pharmacokinetics of a novel dimerizer drug, AP1903, in healthy volunteers. Journal of Clinical Pharmacology 41, 870-879 (2001).